Pickpocketing arrests: Foreigners 65 times more likely offenders than Germans, say German Federal Police

Numbers published by German Federal Police and quoted in FAZ and Welt newspapers show that Foreigners are 65 times more likely to be arrested for pickpocketing than German citizens (which includes naturalized migrants)

In the same  FAZ Artikel minister of the interior Thomas de Maizière (CDU) tells Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung, that asylum seekers do not show disproportionate levels of criminality. FAZ

To be precise: The Newspapers do NOT quote the factor 65 higher crime rate for foreigners.  We had to derive that from the freely available data quoted in the newspaper articles.

German, more detiled version:
Ausländer 65 mal so kriminell wie Deutsche bei Taschendiebstahl (Bundespolizei, FAZ)


Almost half of all pickpocketing and luggage theft in railwaystations were suspected to have been perpetrated by Moroccans and Algerians. Third place are Germans. Syrians are relatively rarely suspected.[Welt]


 VIDEO: Muslim Migrants in Berlin Shoot Guns, Throw Explosives





  1. Interior minister de Maizière's lies are distasteful and flie in the face of data.

  2. It is sad how statistics are embellished. . FAZ headline sounds less damning: : "Half of all pickpockets are from North Africa "

    without explicitly saying that only 14 percent of the arrested are German citizens.

    They did not tell what we took pains to calculate:

    A rough calculation shows:
    1. one tenth of the population (foreigners) are arrested 
    2. 6.7 times as often as pickpockets
    3. than 92% of the population (German Citizens).
    4. Thus they are 67 times as criminal..

  3. Even the liberal newspaper did not allege that this is due to racist German police arresting innocent immigrants and letting guilty German pickpockets go.. (Such Theories were proven wrong by "The color of Crime" that analyzes statements of VICTIMS who have no incentive to lie about the race of their aggressor) 

  4. Racists may argue that the true statistics are much worse. That criminality of foreigners is many hundred times higher than that of native Germans.
    1. Native and immigrant German citizens are mixed together. Racists might claim that a minor group of naturalized foreigners are highly criminal and that German natives commit less crimes.   (In the USA White and Hispanic crime is similarly conflated to increase white crime numbers [The color of Crime])
    2. There are strong indications that Police avoids arresting and charging refugees. Even more so when irregularities happen inside refugee camps. Thus refugee criminality is much higher as these statistics are embellished
      Maulkorb für Polizei: nur Deutsche darf man stigmatisieren!

  5. (Disclaimer: Only scientific proof counts).

US statistics about Black crime are similar


Half of all pickpockets are from North Africa [FAZ]

Almost half of all pickpocketing last year was perpetretated by Algerians and Moroccans.

Analyzing the numbers we find 85% of pickpocketing arrests are foreigners (8.5% of population) and 15% of arrests were german citizens  (92% of population).

The headline distracts from these facts


 This is the result of statistics from the federal police.       09.Jan.2016, [FAZ]

A total of  1399 suspects were from North Africa, i.e. 46%Tatverdächtige aus Nordafrika gegeben, das seien 46 Prozent.

We had to calculate

3041 suspects total (100%): (1399*100/46) 

This is a major increase compared to earlier years

Certainly this has nothing to do with the 1.1 Mil. new refugees, as Interior Minister  DeMeziére affirms (without proving his statement)

2014, according to Federal Police  735 suspects(36 Prozent), 2013  305 suspects (19 Prozent), that originated from Northern African Countries. Most suspects of pickpocketing and luggage thefts in German Railway Stations in 2015 were Algerians, (765), followed by Maroccans (473). The third larges group were Germans with t 430 suspects.

The naive reader falls into the trap of thinking that Germans are the third worst in pickpocketing.


14%  German suspects 30/3041= 0.1414 = 14 %)

91.5% (73,784 Mio.) of the population (German citizens) commit 14% (430) of pickpocketing,

8,5% (6.827 Mio.) foreigners commit 85% (2611) of these crimes.


almost  6, more precisely 5.823 per 1 Million Germans are caught pickpocketing:  5.823 (= 430/73784 * 1000)

382 per 1 Million foreigners are caught pickpocketing: 382 = (2611/6.827*1000)

That is a factor of 65: The chance for a foreigner be caught pickpocketing is  65 (= 382/5,823) times higher than for a German citizens (which includes naturalized migrants likely to commit a higher percentage of crime).

While the counts of Algerians and Moroccans increased vastly, there was slight fluctuation among Germans: 340 crimes in 2014, 466 in 2013. Suspects from Romania, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Poland were rank 4 to 6. Interior minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU) told the  Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung, that there no higher proportion of crime among asylum seekers.. FAZ

Lying in the face of data to the contrary!! But, only we extracted data in this way, the newspaper refrained from this



Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

2013 gab es  79.5% (64,074 Mio.) Deutsche ohne Migrationshintergrund, 20.5% (16,538 Mio.) mit Migrationshintergrund. Davon 8.5% (6.827 Mio.) Ausländer ohne deutschen Pass.  91.5% (73784)also sind Deutsche



Deutsche Bevoelkerung mit Migrationshintergrund


Bundesamt für politische Bildung: Here are some interesting explanationss for criminality, some arguments that could counter some of our statements


Aufklärungsvideo mit echten Taschendiebe enthielt zu viele Diebe mit Migrationshintergrund, man musste künstlich ein paar deutsche Taschendiebe finden SZ

BMI Kriminalstatistiken

Polizeiliche Kriminalstatistik 2010

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