Angela Merkel defends German Suicide: Let all Muslim terrorists in, without safety screening

After all, Germany has a historic Guilt, Angela Merkel tells a concerned citizen who asks if Merkel does not have a duty to protect Germans from Muslim culture and terrorism! See video further down.


Millions of refugees guaranteed German standard of living. →.

  1. Millions of refugees guaranteed German standard of living. The German constitutional court decided that everyone in Germany has the right to the German level of welfare that allows basic human dignity. We wonder why these people must come to Germany first. Why the German constitution does not require Germans to send money to  Romanians, Kosovars who mainly earn less than half such wages, or sub-Saharan Africans who have a tenth of such income. 
  2. Now Germany is even prevented from sending refugees back to Greece, the country where they ought to be registered by EU and international law. Reason: they don't have safety and dignity in Greece. Germany suspends ′Dublin rules′ for Syrians | News
  3. Unlimited right to asylum was conceived in West Germany immediately after the Second World War. By adopting this permissive approach to the right to asylum, the Parliamentary Council (Parlamentarischer Rat) wanted to make a deliberate break with the National Socialist past, which had produced millions of deaths, refugees and displaced persons.[1] In 1949, the right to asylum was laid down in the Constitution. Until 1993, Article 16 of the Constitution (Grundgesetz) of the Federal Republic of Germany stated, without any further qualification, "Persons persecuted on political grounds shall have the right of asylum." (German Government information)
  4. German Politicians insist that such right constitutional right to Asylum demands not to put any numerical limit on refugees numbering 100's Millions. 
  5. The Media are required to lie: Self Censorship by German press codex and Associated Press Style book to prevent Racism, Xenophobia prevents the press from talking about the Swedish Rape epidemic  slowly taking hold in Germany [German rapes by Immigrant in first half of September 2015, group rape]
  6. The European court struck down restrictive immigration laws of several countries, fined Italy and decree Italy violated human rights by returning migrants to Libya ...
  7. Unite Europe, Use Refugees to Destroy Nations
  8. Persecuted Christians: No asylum, no safety!  #IslamophobiaSavesLives
  9. Why all ISIS warriors have the right to remain in Germany!

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Did Merkel just read out Germany's suicide note?

Rebelmedia Asks


Ezra Levant of TheRebel.Media reports that Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany, said there should be no limits for immigration from the Muslim Middle East to Germany.

German politicians insist that by the German constitution, there must be no upper limit to Asylum. So it can be 100 Millions, anything. And by the German constitutional court, they all have the right to German minimum financial support, which is double what most Kosovars or Romanians earn, and 10 times sub-Saharan Africa's wages.

With that, she started the stampede. No application forms, no proof - anyone who can make it gets thousands of dollars plus access to Germany’s existing welfare state.

But you have to see this incredible video of a German woman who looks like a progressive liberal, and she's asking: Aren’t you putting our own country at risk?
If you dare to ask questions like that, you’re called a Nazi -- which, in Germany, tends to shut people up.
Merkel's logic seems to be: Sure, jihadists are evil, but who are we to speak? Don’t forget how evil we were in the past.
But that's not a sound public policy. That's personal therapy.
This is Angela Merkel’s world view: Germany doesn’t belong to the Germans. Germans don’t deserve Germany. Foreigners fresh off a train do and just shut up if you disagree — don’t you know that Germany is guilty, guilty, guilty?

I disagree. I’m a Jew. Hatred for the Nazis was taught to me from childhood but I know that Germany today is not Nazi; they’re liberal.The grandchildren of the Nazis are not guilty by birth. And even if they were, the solution, the punishment, would not to be to let in a million Muslim men, including amongst them today’s Nazis, those from radical Islam.

Angela Merkel just read out Germany’s suicide note. The fact that this video is so under-reported tells me that most media, frankly, agree.

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The media won’t tell you all the facts about the migrant crisis.


Same Video with German Translation here

5 facts about the refugee crisis that the media don't tell


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