Refugees guaranteed German standard of living

Refugees world wide refuse to stay in Greece, Hungaria, Italy, even Austria. Refugees all want to Germany [8 9], the promised land.

In Germany, the constitutional court [11 3] guarantees Somalis, Kosovars, Syrians the same standard of living as Germans. See also court decision guaranteeing welfare.

The German constitution puts no numerical limit on the number of (true) refugees, politicians like minister De Maiziere in BMI agree. Each asylum applicant has the right to due process and appeals. Even if rejected an asylum seeker has the right to be tolerated and not to be sent back to a dangerous country [Welt].

"Refugee" in German is "Flüchtling", hence this site's name "".


Germans Welcome Refugees

Germany has the great chance to gain millions of highly qualified refugees from places like Syria, Somalia, and Bosnia. Most are members of Islam, the religion of peace, a welcome enrichment to the bland Christian denominations in Germany. This is the official and self evident credo. It needs no statistical or scientific proof and is protected by press self censorship.


"Refugees Welcome!’ is more than a slogan in Germany"! [10]

Germans who have "irrational fear of refugees" are publicly condemned as right wing extremists and Nazis.

Refugees attracted by Welfare guarantee of German living standards

The German constitutional court has determined that everyone residing in Germany has the same human right to basic German standard of living [1, 2 10]. Refugees are not second class citizens, the Supreme Court determined.

So refugees have a right to get housing, health services and 340 Euro monthly [3]. If they get  food, etc. he gets  a freely available a stipend of about Euro 140 pocket money for his/her basic cultural needs.  Please check original sources for exact numbers before quoting me.

These amounts, often paid many months in advance are an irresistible incentive for people from low income countries.  The German monthly stipend corresponds to about the average monthly income (Kosovo, Romania) or to an entire year's average income (Sub-Saharan Africa)

Statistical fact: Over half the population earns substantially less than average income.  By definition, half the population earns less than the much lower median income.

'Mama Merkel' Opens the Door to Syrian Refugees as Most Germans Cheer

That generally accepting message is getting out, with some nations, including Hungary, blaming German generosity for enticing more and more refugees to make risky trips from the Middle East, Africa and Asia into Europe. Indeed, the migrants stopped on a train by the Hungarians over the past two days shouted out chants of “Germany, Germany, let us go to Germany.  [fiscal times]
The Hungarian leader blamed Germany for the crisis, saying that its open-door policy toward Syrian asylum-seekers was propelling a wave of migrants to undertake dangerous journeys toward Europe’s heart. Germany expects 800,000 asylum-seekers this year, and it has said that it does not plan to turn away Syrians.[Washington Post]

No limit on refugee numbers. 100 Million?

German politicians, even anti-immigrant AfD leader Frauke Petry, make clear that there can be no numerical limit on (true) Asylum seekers in Germany. In other words, it can be 100 Million or more. Millions already are getting ready in Africa.

Africa's population growth. From half European population in 1950 to 10 times in 2050


Islamic Jihad


German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday Islam "belongs to Germany", in a clear repudiation of anti-immigration protesters gathering in Dresden and other cities. ...

The conservative chancellor pointed to comments made by former German president Christian Wulff, who said in 2010 that Islam was part of Germany, triggering a fierce debate. [Reuters]

It would be racist, islamophobic and xenophobic to point out Muslim criminal enclaves where police get routinely attacked [Marxloh, 12, pi-net]. Or multi-cultural Malmö Sweden's 22 bomb attacks in 3 years [14].


She was speaking hours before marches by a movement dubbed PEGIDA, or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West, were due to begin in several German cities.

Such demonstrations, launched in Dresden, have been dwarfed by counter-protests. Merkel has said PEGIDA's rallies are organized by people with "hatred in their hearts".

Being in favor of one's country staying as it was is "hatred in the hearts". Violent leftist attacks against Pegida demonstrations, or xenophobic attacks against Germans by foreigners, will rarely be mentioned by our press because this would create prejudice.  Thus they are of no great concern to Mrs. Merkel.


Merkel said her government was doing everything it could to ensure migrants were being successfully integrated into German society regardless of their religion.
Nearly two in three of the four million Muslims in Germany are of Turkish origin. Roughly half are German citizens.



But Merkel acknowledged the need for better dialogue between religions, praising Muslims for publicly rejecting the use of violence after the Paris killings and calling Turkey an ally in the fight against terrorism.



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