ISIS: Genocidal slaughter of 10 million Germans by 2017?  

When will the IS terrorists start their great slaughter in Germany?

Thanks to Angela Merkel, 200,000 IS fighters are expected to be in Germany by the end of 2016.

At the end of 2016, the IS will have about 200,000 fighters in Germany due to Merkel's "refugees". Even with simple handguns, these men could kill 4-5 million Germans in 24 hours before the German army could even react. Technically as well as tactically, a giant pogrom [genocide] against the Germans in Germany would be possible. It would be surprising, if the IS itself didn't recognize this. Therefore we ask the following question:


When and how will the great slaughter begin?

Even before Merkel's illegal mass migration, the German intelligence service has reported on 30-40,000 Islamists in Germany that are willing to use violence. We know from the refugee camps in Lebanon that about two percent of the Syrian refugees are radicals who are ready to use violence. Transfer this number on Merkel's 1.5 million "refugees" in 2015, and you can see that this year alone about 30,000 violent Islamists have migrated to Germany. So the total number of IS fighters in Germany is about 60-70,000 right now.

We don't need to have any illusions about the further development of the situation: the EU has absolutely no political will to efficiently protect its external borders, with weapons, that is. Croatia swung its doors wide open and the navy near Lampedusa prefers to work as a troop of smugglers instead of using its military capabilities. On the Greek frontier the EU has strangely left the protection of its own border to neighboring Turkey, which is historically unprecedented.


It can be concluded that neither the EU nor the Southern Mediterranean states will secure the border. The stream of migration will not be stopped and elections won't change anything.


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  • Wann beginnt das große Morden -
    10 Millionen Deutsche

    In a best-case scenario, maybe the growth rate of migration will decrease next year: instead of a 600% increase like in this and in the previous year, the influx of the illegals may remain constant, if we are lucky. At the current level of 15,000 arrivals per day that would amount to 5-6 million people. If we take the two-percent-rule as a rough indication, this means a migration of 100,000 - 120,000 fighters in 2016. Thus, by the end of 2016 Germany would have about 160,000 - 190,000 violent Islamists among the "refugees" alone.

    In addition to this very high number, Western Europe will see a faster migration of the IS army that is operating in Syria.

    Europe is a much more interesting target for the Jihadists than Syria, and European open border policies offer them the best opportunity to revive the age of Islamic conquest.

    Even if it manages to resettle only 10-20% of its troops to Germany as alleged "refugees", this would be still 30-60,000 fighters. So, at the end of 2016 we will have around 200,000 Jihadists inside the country.


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  • At which point could these 200,000 men be activated? This question is easy to answer: Once they have enough weapons.

    Currently, we are witnessing in Israel how much terror a few men can incite with simple knives if their attacks are well timed and coordinated. Firearms would be much more effective, though. Even with simple firearms a somewhat trigger-happy IS fighter wouldn't have a hard time killing 20-30 people a day in naive Germany, at least on the first day, if the attack will be coordinated and use the element of surprise.

    With 250,000 men, 4-5 million deaths can be reasonably expected within 24 hours. Before the German army could even react (if it wanted/was supposed to react), about 10 million people could be killed within the first week, more or less unhindered (if there will be enough ammo).

    In 18 months the IS would already have enough fighters for a major offensive in Germany and would only need to smuggle enough firearms. The Jihadists must only be coordinated.

    To get 200,000 firearms, 370 weapons per day must be transported to Germany. That's a minor logistical task once the goods start to flow in. Drug trade has shown how it can be done. The hub in Kosovo could easily be utilized, and in Bosnia nobody has ever complained about a lack of weapons either. Since years the illegal arms trade in Germany lies firmly in Muslim hands and it seems that every tenth lorry on German highways comes from Turkey. 370 weapons a day would require ten cars transporting 37 weapons each. The borders are not being controlled. So there is no problem.

    We can conclude: 200,000 IS fighters at the end of 2016 and enough weapons until the end of winter 2016/17 - both of these scenarios are quite feasible. So, in spring 2017, with a bit of careful planing, the IS will have a historically unique opportunity to kill several millions of infidels all across Germany in just a few days. The decision whether or not it will take this opportunity is not ours. Only the IS can decide this.

    We will have 200,000 IS fighters inside the country by the end of 2016. Due to the accomodation in "asylum centers", these fighters will be spread across the whole country in a decentralized fashion. Germans would not even be able to retreat to the countryside. With a nationwide, coordinate surprise attack, ten million German infidels could be killed within a week and the German army would barely be able to do anything against it.

    As a reward for the slaughter, the murderers could occupy the houses of their victims and wouldn't have to live in tents anymore; the state would save billions on the construction of new accomodations and after a few weeks no one would ask questions anymore. The IS would be quite stupid if it didn't recognize this historical opportunity.


    They would follow the example set by their own prophet, since Muhammad himself was known for distributing the goods of conquered enemies among his soldiers.


    The Islamic scholar Tilman Nagel describes the situation after the campaign against Taif as follows (page 427): "Without having achieved anything, Muhammad withdrew. At al-Girana, a watering hole closer to Mecca than to Taif, the captive Hawazin and the captured animals were gathered together, according to al-Waqidi it were at least 6,000 people and 24,000 camels and an unknown number of small livestock. Now it was time for the distribution.

    The messenger of Allah has thought of his closest comrades already when they were at Hunain. They already have been allowed to take a pretty girl for themselves. When they arrived at al-Girana, Muhammad had to test the patience of his warriors a little more. The arrival of emissaries from the Hawazin was announced. Thus, the messenger of Allah first distributed the cattle and the looted valuables, among which a treasure of 4,000 Uqiya in silver aroused the desire of some among his followers."


    Second Part about the Great Slaughter by M. Sattler

    For a long time it was considered a truism that France will be the first great theater of the Islamic war in Western Europe. In France, the arming of the Muslims has progressed the most, they already have successfully started several violent riots there, organizational structures and communications are already in place. Due to Merkel's illegal migration in the summer of 2015, the whole strategic situation in Western Europe has changed drastically, though.

    Since the Muslim areas of France are mainly concentrated in certain regions - Southern France, Lorraine, Paris - the war in France would always have been geographically limited, e.g. there would only be certain autonomous Muslim regions and regional Caliphates to be conquered. Also, the Muslims would have to face the French army, which is still relatively powerful and has actual combat experience. A war in France is possible, but it would be no picnic for the IS and would be limited to regional successes. [2]

    [2] I'm not so sure whether this is really true. After all, there are about 800 No-Go-Areas all across France; city districts or ghettoes, slums, that are predominantly inhabited by Muslims, where the radical Imam is usually setting the tone and where Sharia law is applied.

    Wolfgang Neuman writes about the so called "Zones Urbaines Sensibles": In today's France there are about 752 of such urban problem areas, spread all across France. Overall, about 5 million people are living in these residential areas, which can be found in 800 cities and municipalities. [Source]


    In Merkel's Germany, on the other hand, the situation has dramatically changed in 2015 and will continue to massively change in 2016. Unlike in France, where the Muslims live in their self-created urban ghettoes, the "refugees"/IS fighters are housed all across Germany in a decentralized fashion. Merkel's migration is particularly focused on rural areas, where organically grown ethnic and societal structures are supposed to be smashed and destroyed even in the most remote villages.

    Furthermore, in 2016 many millions of "refugees", among them also several thousands of IS fighters, will also be housed in private apartments: 5-6 million "refugees" are expected to arrive in 2016, considering that 15,000 people are arriving per day. Such crowds can no longer be housed in tents, they have to get into the apartments. [And don't forget about family reunions.]


    The IS couldn't envision a better strategic situation: Open borders allow them to easily smuggle weapons and the decentralized distribution of the Jihadists enables them to start a major offensive in the whole country. The Germans won't even be able to retreat to the countryside.


    And since the Federal Government is doing the tedious logistic preparations for the distribution of troops on the behalf of ISIS, they can completely focus on establishing coordination and communication structures. Because the greatest possible success (killing as many German infidels as possible, that is), can only be achieved by a coordinated surprise attack, a Blitzkrieg so to speak, against the utterly defenseless and naive German civilians.

    France has already shown us how well the Islamist communication structures are working for joint military strikes in Europe. Muslim terrorists have managed to unleash and control widespread destruction orgies in a short period of time. So, in Europe the IS doesn't have to start from scratch, it can rely on an existing communication structure: mosques as hubs, relationship networks that can be activated within minutes by phone, and relevant plaforms on the internet.  A simultaneous, coordinated attack shouldn't be much of a problem for the IS strategists.

    How many infidel civilians can a somewhat trigger-happy IS fighter kill in Germany on the first day of attacks, assuming he would start at dawn? The first murder will probably be somewhat difficult for him, the IS fighter will be picky (particularly if it is the first person he is killing), he will take time to chose his victim, he will hesitate slightly.

    But after the third dead, if not earlier, his bloodlust will arise, the killing will become faster, he will start to shoot indiscriminately: at people on their way to work, at people who are leaving their houses, at children on their way to school. Until the German army will be alerted, two hours will pass. Can ten unarmed civilians be killed within two hours? Probably not with a knife, but with a gun it may be possible.

    Since the effect of surprise will fade after two hours - the people will start to warn each other, even the media will have to start reporting - the slaughter will slow down in the following hours.

    The German army still won't be in sight, since the political palaver will cause some delay. But the German infidels will barricade themselves inside their apartments, they will probably even start to look out for makeshift weapons. So the killing will become more difficult, the number of easily targetable victims on the streets will decrease, the doors will have to be shot open or broken down, fire will have to be laid to the houses in order to lure people out of the protection of their homes, so that they can be shot on the streets. It's doable.

    After the first three or four hours of unrestrained killings, maybe even the first few vehicles of the German army will show up, some soldiers will start mimicking battle. But since the German army has no more real manpower, such a use of the army will have to be concentrated on the cities, the rural areas will be left to their own devices.

    Thus, the number of deaths will be dramatically high in the villages. This is a message to all those who thought they could escape the great slaughter on Day X by fleeing to the hinterland. Due to the current nationwide housing of "refugees" (including IS fighters) even in the smallest villages, there will be not a single safe place left in the whole country. Particularly the villages will burn [3].

    [3] Burning in the most literal meaning of the word. This has been demonstrated e.g. at raids on Christian villages in North Africa. The Muslim mobs, mostly infuriated by an Imam, have raided Christian villages, have looted the houses and shops of the Christians and have set them on fire. The Christians fled. Men, women, and children who could not escape quickly enough were killed, often literally slaughtered.

    Even several days after the beginning of the great slaughter, all hopes on the German army will remain illusions. Since the massive reduction of bases took place, the German army is spread across barracks that are relatively far apart from each other. Even if the policy makers would bring themselves to conscript reservists, only a small part of these reservists would reach their bases. A few burning car tires are enough to disrupt road and railway connections and to put all traffic on a halt. Most of the reservists, even if they would comply with the conscription, will be stuck in traffic on the way to their barracks.

    The IS troops, on the other hand, are spread evenly all across Germany. Due to their stationing in "asylum centers", the IS is present in almost every small town. Thus the IS troops could carry out their slaughter quickly and effectively by foot and could afterwards retreat to the protective anonymity of their "asylum centers" - uncontrollable zones, where even today the government doesn't know who is present there.

    So, the "asylum centers" allow the IS to apply a perfect "Hit-and-Run" guerillia tactic. And which German soldier would ever dare to go into an "asylum center" with a loaded weapon and search for murderers, between women and children, with a horde of press photographers behind his neck?

    We can conclude: The German army, even if it could be activated, would have no chance to provide any relief. 4-5 million infidels would be dead on the first day, ten million after a week. And after that there would be time for a break. The IS fighters could retreat to their "asylum centers" and act as if nothing had happened. The state will be powerless and will have to accept it: too many deaths, too many perpetrators.

    After a few weeks the Muslims will start - at first it will just single instances, followed by hunderts of thousands of people - to move into the empty houses. They have to live somewhere, after all. The state will tolerate this, because it can't do anything anyway. Soon, nobody will even be bothered by the fact that the killers are living in the houses of their victims. On the contrary: the newspapers will cheer about the billions of euros, which this pragmatical housing solution will safe.

    And two years later, the next great slaughter will begin.





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