EU citizen gets arrested, imprisoned, tried, for illegally entering EU (European Union) in Lesbos, Greece! Refugees enter freely.


Arrested for illegal border crossing! The only person arrested, held, and tried for illegal border crossing into the EU is a German photographer who accompanies refugees to document their trip! Amidst dozens  of illegal Syrians, Iraqis, Somalis and more who can illegally enter the EU (European Union) without legal consequences.

Politically correct News Magazine Der Spiegel reports, amidst many photos, that photographer Felix Kleymann was arrested for illegal border crossing in the Greek Island of Lesbos.

Passport and ID of the only person entitled to cross the EU border (albeit at a legal border post). Neatly plastic-wrapped to avoid water damage during the dangerous illegal boat crossing

Unequal rights, "minority" privileges for illegal Syrians

Illegal immigrants, and other "repressed minorities" have rights and privileges. They can break laws with impunity and tend to be excused. Whites, and legal citizens in general are being held to higher standards and punished for the smallest transgressions. This is "illegal immigrant privilege", not different from Black Privilege

Left-racist unequal treatment under the law demands that EU citizens be treated unequally, with full rigor of the law, arrested and held in prison overnight.  For illegally entering his own country, the EU, whose passport he was carrying. HIs mistake was to carry a legal passport and not to claim he was an illegal Syrian. 


Politically incorrect cites "Der Spiegel":

When we landed in Lesbos, I was arrested immediately. I had illegally entered from a non-European country, being a EU citizen. I was interrogated and locked into a prison cell.  The trial was the following day. There I could explain everything and was acquitted. Because of the delay, however, I have lost all my fellow travellers lost from the boat and have not found tem again during my the journey. "

Photographer Felix Kleymann had joined real refugees on their long journey, and bribed real traffickers.  The EU lets a million illegal refugees illegally cross EU borders, without any punishment except free food, housing, and a monthly stipend many times higher than the professional salaries in their home country.



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