False rape accusations against Afghan refugees (Germany)

False rape accusations are common and thus are to be expected to be leveled against refugees.

Our zeal to prevent a Swedisch rape epidemic and our outrage about government and MSM cover up of refugee crime must not blind us to the fact that false accusations of rape are very frequent. The False rape society [COTWA] describes some of the potential motives, like trying to cover up consensual sex.

Rape denied, rape invented

 In the midst of MSM, police and governments falsely denying massive numbers of rape, there is one, and potentially more false rape accusations.

Unfortunately, we expect the politically correct main stream media and governments now to use this one case to deny the fact of mass sexual assaults and rapes proven by multitudes of witnesses and medical reports.


Rape accusation was pure invention | [Google Translate]

Police in Holzkirchen had three men arrested on suspicion of attempted rape.

The attempted rape of a woman by three refugees in Upper Bavaria's Holzkirchen never took place.The three men have been released from custody. Police nov investigates the woman for making up a crime and false imprisonment.

Apparently attempted rape of a woman by three refugees was totally invented .As police announced on Friday, there was simply no attack.The 18-year-old men were released from custody, police said.The detectives determined now because pretending a crime and false imprisonment against the woman.

One commenter suggests the woman is being paid to withdraw the accusation.  Thus the current scandal about police and press systematically hiding rapes and sexual assaults by refugees in Europe. Certainly, this case is a welcome detraction from police lies by direct orders of the interior ministry.

[Migrants] then set upon the women, harassing and groping them, stripping them of clothing and valuables. One victim was raped. Of the more than 600 women who have since come forward, many described the ordeal as “running the gauntlet”

The news took four days to get out. Inexplicably, Cologne’s police initially reported “relaxed” festivities. (On January 8th Wolfgang Albers, the local police chief, was suspended for this and other failings.) The public news networks were also slow to pick up the story, providing grist for the conspiracy mills of populists who denounce the mainstream media as a politically correct “liars’ press”.

But as the extent of the crimes became clear, it raised questions about Mrs Merkel’s liberal response to the crisis in Syria and the wider Middle East.

Police simply mirrors German and US Press codes that implement Self Censorship by MSM to prevent Racism, Xenophobia.

Two men had nothing to do with the crime

According to the new investigation, on the night July 23, the 19-year-old was traveling with one of the three Afghans at the station. The man held her by the hand and then, in the pedestrian underpass , began to caress er above the clothes. When the woman fought back against it, he stopped, according to police.The other two asylum applicants had nothing to do with the case.

Confronted with the new statements , the 19-year-old woman onfessed  to having invented the attempted rape.Two weeks ago, she had said, all three men had wanted to rape her in the underpass. The refugees are now being investigated only for sexual libel (offense on a sexual basis).

The case had caused quite a stir in the region. On Facebook, even a group "Asylum Watch" had been established, denouncing the alleged criminal activities of asylum seekers in the administrative district Miesbach.

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