Angela Merkel favors Syria, Africa eying UN Secretary General Candidacy?!

United Nations General Secretary, Angela Merkel's next job when she will be forced to resign in infamy? Then Merkel did not become insane, but her "refugee welcome" policy is a rational career move for her future election campaign. Germany gets destroyed, only a few percent of poor third world people get German welfare and jobs, but Syrian, Iraqui, Afghan, African citizens love benefactor Angela Merkel. Their countries certainly will vote for Angela. (Rumor Disclaimer)

German:  Merkel regiert für Syrien
um UN-Generalsekretärin zu werden?!

Merkel, writes the "Luxemburger Wort" quoting Berlin governmental circles, has suggested herself for the post [of UN secretary general] during a recent visitin Washington. She would want to be elected successor of Gan in Summer 2016 und then start the job on January 1st 2017.
The South Korean can not be elected again for a third period. - and Europe is next in row for the post. A potential counter-candidate would be british David Cameron. [Source]
For chancellor Merkel, Africa's votes are essential, says the report, in order to gain the election with an absolute majority. During the EU-Africa meetin April she devoted much time to bilateral talks. It is speculated that she is pursuing her own career interest.


«Merkels refugee policy is crazy»
Donald Trump considered her a great leader. Now he has changed his opinion. [Tagesanzeiger]


Berlin immediately denied [Merkel's UN candidacy]. The report in  'Luxemburger Wort' is baseless", said government speaker Steffen Seibert on Wednesday.  Merkel's press secretary already had vehemently denied rumors of her resigning her chancellorship before 2017.[Source]


Chances for Angela Merkel to be voted the first femaleUN-General Secretary are quite good, according reports. Prior secretaries general were a South American, two Africans, and an Asian. –  according to an "unwritten rule" the next secretary General sould be a European. Her age of 62 would be the same as Ban Ki Moon's when he took the post [Bunte]


Chancellor Angela Merkel is considering quitting ahead of the 2017 elections and is interested in UN Secretary-General or President of the European Council roles, Spiegel reports

A recent Guardian poll found that 96% of respondents believe it’s time to have a female secretary general. And there are more women in power than ever before: the once indefensible connection between masculinity and leadership is breaking. [Guardian]




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