Segregation+Apartheid, German police chiefs propose!

German police suggest segregating Christian refugee housing from Muslims, because they tend to "clash".

It would be too racist and islamophobe to explicitly state that Muslims persecute Christians everywhere, be it Syria, refugee boats, or German refugee camps.

There also is no questioning why German police is unable to make Muslims obey European standards religious tolerance and allow Christians religious freedoms.

Half a century of world wide racial de-segregation and abolition of apartheid.  And now we find that separation is needed to save Syrian Christians from Jihadists and Muslims in general.

It would be extremely racist to question if such segregation would not protect Swedish and German citizens from the likes of the Swedish Rape Epidemic.


Germany: Muslim refugees attack Christian refugees so often that police chief says they should be housed separately

“The police have reached their absolute breaking point. Our officials are increasingly being called to confrontations in refugee homes.” Why would the Muslim refugees target the Christian refugees? That doesn’t fit the media narrative of who these refugees are and what they are about at all. But no one will bother to offer an explanation.

Disadvantaged minorities attacking other disadvantaged minorities never fits the main stream media narrative.

It would be racist and islamophobic to mention that the Koran's Jihad demands Muslim to conquer the lands of the infidels, and to let them choose to either convert, be killed, or pay dizya (?) tax.

Self-censoring press codes or AP Stylebooks prohibit calling minority criminals, well, criminals. 

But, in this case the victims are also refugees, a protected minority. Thus the media  can carefully mention the crime. If the victims were privileged German residents, it would be racist to complain about rapes, beatings, and other crimes.

­ “Christian and Muslim refugees should be housed separately, says German police chief,” by Melanie Hall, Telegraph, September 28, 2015
Christian and Muslim refugees should be housed separately in Germany to minimize tensions following growing levels of violence at asylum seeker shelters, a police chief has urged.
Jörg Radek, deputy head of Germany’s police union, said migrants should be divided, following increasing numbers of attacks on Christians in refugee centres.
“I think housing separated according to religion makes perfect sense,” Jörg Radek, deputy head of Germany’s police union, told German newspaper Die Welt, particularly for Muslims and Christians.

Is this not what Nazis and Pegida say? Separate German Christians from violent Jihadist Muslims? Oh,only refugee Christians, not Christian Germans are allowed protection by segregation.

Was that not what the despicable apartheid regime, Jim Crow, and the segregationist had said? Separate disparate groups and races to avoid tension?

Thanks to Islam we witness the return of violent deadly anti-semitism, we have airport security scans, and now apartheid and segregation are making a comeback?

Two separate clashes erupted between refugees on Sunday at a temporary migrant shelter in Kassel-Calden in northern Germany left 14 people injured, police said.
The first outbreak of violence in the afternoon was triggered by a dispute in the canteen at lunchtime between two groups of around 60 refugees, followed by a second clash in the evening involving a group of 70 migrants against another of 300.
A few days earlier on Thursday evening, a fight broke out among up to 200 Syrian and Afghan refugees at a shelter in Leipzig, with migrants wielding table legs and slats.

Christian, Muslim Refugees Separate Housing In Germany: Religion Segregation At Camps Encouraged By Police .


Germany: Calls for Christian and Muslim refugees to be housed separately

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